FENG SHUI FLOW – create sustainable interiors

120.00 kr


Susanna Utbult and Jenny Jonsson have adapted the ancient Chinese philosophy feng shui to western homes. The book is an accessible introduction to creating sustainable and beautiful interiors by being aware of how you are affected by your environment, shapes, patterns, light, and dark. You will get practical advice on how to decorate your home. Each room has its own chapter with tips on how to approach the most common problems.

Decorating with feng shui does not require expensive designs, minimalism or a lot of money. You don’t have to buy new or costly things. You will discover how to create a home that is sustainable and balanced. By learning about feng shui, you will decorate your home with mindful awareness, resulting in fewer impulse purchases or improvements that you soon regret. Instead, you will make active choices and spot-on decisions. You will feel deep and lasting satisfaction. Using the basics of feng shui results in the best and most beautiful interior design.

First edition.

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