The candles

There is a special feeling about a Meraleva candle. Good energy that comes from the chain of goodwill from donated candle stumps, through us in manufacture and finally to you as a customer.

Each candle is crafted by hand from start to finish. This makes every candle completely unique.

The charm and joy of a candle is its living flame. If the candle is put in a draught, the flame is agitated and the burning time is shortened. If it gets too close to other candles it will burn faster and unevenly. Therefore, you must always be present when you burn a candle. Light up and calm down.

Cut the wick regularly leaving about 1 cm so the flame does not get too high or smokey.
When the candle is finished, add the residue to be recycled and it will live again as a contribution to another candle.
To ensure a beautifully even burned candle keep it alight for at least one hour each time.

• completely handmade
• 100% recycled stearin
• no added scent
• colour is added in most candles
• the wick consists of braided cotton
• burns with a high and clear flame
• all donated material is sorted and reused
We wish you many cosy and present moments with your Meraleva candle.



'Mera' is a Swedish word which means 'more'. 'Leva' means 'to live'. The word 'meraleva' (more life) is not correct Swedish but was invented by my son Carl-Johan.


Att: Susanna Utbult

Sockenvägen 1

475 31 Öckerö, Sverige

Tel. 070-450 57 14

Meraleva Barncancerförening