The candles

There is a special feeling about a Meraleva candle. 

The candle is infused with good energy from the chain of goodwill and helping hands, from everyone who has donated candle stubs, collected, carried and coordinated, through us during manufacture and all the way to you as a buyer and user of the candles.

All candles are unique because the whole process is handcrafted from start to finish. Equally special are all of you: candle collectors, candle donors, candle couriers and candle buyers. Thank you for wanting to work for a better environment, sustainability and for supporting children with cancer.


A living flame provides so much of importance to humans in the form of light, warmth, calm, security and hope. There is nothing like a candle to instantly create a cosy atmosphere or raise the energy in a room.

The charm and joy of a candle is that it is ‘alive’. Like everything else alive, a candle needs love and care to burn beautifully and safely. Therefore, it is important where and how you place your candles, that you trim the wick and let pillar candles burn for a longer time. Then you will enjoy the candle until it goes out by itself and you can put the leftovers in the candle recycling.

It is safest to only use candle holders and stands made of fireproof materials such as metal, glass and ceramic. Avoid placing the candle in a draft, whether from a window, a door or from people moving. The signs of a draft in a room could be a flickering flame, running wax or a shorter burning time. Place candles at least 7cm apart so they do not affect each other.


Cut the wick regularly leaving about 1 cm so the flame does not get too high or smokey. Keep pillar candles alight for at least an hour each time to avoid a pit forming in the middle. When the candle is finished, recycle the leftovers and it will live again as part of another candle.


  • completely handmade
  • 100% recycled stearin
  • no added scent
  • colour is added in most candles
  • the wick consists of braided cotton
  • burns with a high and clear flame
  • all donated material is sorted and reused

We wish you many cosy moments with your Meraleva candles.

'Mera' is a Swedish word which means 'more'. 'Leva' means 'to live'. The word 'meraleva' (more life) is not correct Swedish but was invented by my son Carl-Johan.

The thought

Whether you are a vegetarian and usually avoid candles made from animal fats (tallow and lard), or if are an animal rights activist or are environmentally conscious in general, we want you to feel comfortable with our candles.

In our work with only collected material, it is impossible to know anything about the origin of the raw material. Stearin can be made from animal or vegetable fat (or maybe a mixture of both). We also do not know if the vegetable fat comes from certified crops or the exact composition of the paraffin. But, since we reuse existing materials, we are doing the best we can for a better environment and a more sustainable way of life.

We distinguish between indoors and outdoor candles. After careful sorting, all the stearin goes to the manufacture of indoor candles, while all the paraffin is for outdoor use.

The stearin has a cleaner combustion, therefore we recommend candles made of 100 % stearin for indoor use. Paraffin works great for candles and lanterns to enjoy outdoors.


Many people don’t realise that candles can be made of different materials. In the past, candles were made of beeswax and tallow, but modern candles are usually made from a mixture of stearin and paraffin.

What is the difference between stearin and paraffin candles?


Stearin consists of a mixture of palmitic acid and stearic acid.

Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid found in almost all fats, mostly in mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, tallow and lard.

Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid found in the human body, palm oil, butter, cheese, milk and meat. Stearin is fully opaque, hard (it won’t bend in the sun) and feels dry to the touch.


Paraffin is a by-product of the oil industry. A paraffin candle standing in the sun bends easily because it has a lower melting point than a candle made of stearin.

A paraffin candle is more transparent and feels greasy compared to stearin.


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