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For more than 20 years, the interaction between man, environment and nature has fascinated me and been a major part of my professional life through my work with feng shui. The recycling of different materials and living more sustainably is, therefore, part of my daily life. But why are used candle stumps thrown away? To me, it felt wrong. I decided to save all leftover candles and in January 2017 I made my first pillar candle. With great satisfaction, I saw my candle light up my living room. I was immediately inspired to recycle other people's candle stumps and then sell them. A positive chain of events was created that would benefit all.

My first child Carl-Johan passed away of cancer when he was three. It was Carl-Johan who coined the term "meraleva", which is Swedish for "more life", two months before he died. We celebrated his birthday in mid-February, one month early, because we did not think he would make his birthday on March 16th. You can imagine how we felt when we sang with forced smiles and broken hearts "May you live (mera leva) for a hundred years ..." (Swedish birthday song) for the little boy who would soon die. The cake was untouched on his plate and he was in pain, but he was having so much fun when we sang. Over and over, he urged us to sing "mera leva" so we sang over and over and "mera leva" got a new meaning.

That's why Meraleva supports children with cancer by donating 10% of the revenue to the Meraleva Children Cancer Association.

The Meraleva business includes "more life" on three different levels:


  • meraleva - the candles are given new life through recycling and the earth's resources are saved
  • meraleva - children with cancer are given a chance of more life through research
  • meraleva - Carl-Johan wanted us to sing 'more life'


With humble gratitude,




Att: Susanna Utbult

Sockenvägen 1

475 31 Öckerö, Sverige

Tel. 070-450 57 14

Meraleva Barncancerförening