Meraleva - Candles with heart and soul

The Meraleva business is based on sustainability in everyday life through recycling of stearin and paraffin to save the resources of the planet. We make new, beautiful candles out of your old stumps, pillar candles and tea lights. 10% of the revenue is donated to Barncancerfonden - the Children’s Cancer Fund in Sweden.
Welcome to us!

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The candles can be delivered free of charge if you live on Öckerö, Hönö, Hälsö or Fotö.
If so, make your order using the contact form.



We are looking for

We seek cooperation with restaurants, churches and other organisations where candlelight is an important feature. Please contact us.

The municipalities of Öckerö, Gothenburg, Kungälv, Österåker and Eskilstuna's are now recycling used stumps for us. Maybe you can encourage your municipality to also recycle for Meraleva?

We are looking for more Meraleva retailers. Please contact us.

Donate your candles to us

Please join the movement, leave your candles to us and give them a new life. This is where you can leave leftovers of pillar candles and tea lights:


  • All staffed recycling centres in Öckerö municipality, including Grötö and Kalvsund
  • "Tappen" (indoors) Lökholmsvägen 12, Hönö
  • The red box at Sockenvägen 1 on Öckerö
  • Gothenburg: Alelyckan recycling centre
  • Eskilstuna: "Retuna" recycling gallery
  • Emmaboda: Susanna's station
  • Åkersberga: shop MH Homestyling and more

Do you live far away? Send your candles to us. Please contact us, maybe we can collect them?


Att: Susanna Utbult

Sockenvägen 1

475 31 Öckerö, Sverige

Tel. 070-450 57 14

Meraleva Barncancerförening