Meraleva - Hand crafted candles with heart and soul

The Meraleva business is based on sustainability in everyday life through recycling stearin and paraffin. We make beautiful new candles from your old candle stubs and also from pillar candle and tea light leftovers. Welcome to our web shop which is currently under construction. If you are looking for a colour that you can’t find in the shop, please contact us via email. 10% of sales is donated to children with cancer through the Meraleva Childhood Cancer Association.




Supporting children with cancer

We donate 10 % of the retail price to research and support for children with cancer through the Meraleva Childhood Cancer Association.


Hand crafted

All candles are unique because the entire manufacturing process is a craft from start to finish.
Hållbart och klimatsmart

Sustainable and climate friendly

Our candles are made from recycled candle stubs, donated by individuals, companies and churches.

We are looking for

We seek cooperation with restaurants, churches and other organisations where candles are an important feature. Please contact us.

Many of Sweden's recycling centres now follow the examples of Öckerö, Gothenburg, Kungälv and Eskilstuna. Maybe you can encourage your municipality to also recycle for Meraleva?
We are looking for more Meraleva retailers. Please contact us.

Donate your used candles to us

Leave your candle stubs to us and they will be given new life. You can leave your used candles, remnants of pillar candles and tea lights at the following locations:

  • all staffed recycling centres in Öckerö municipality, including Grötö and Kalvsund
  • Tappen (indoors), Lökholmsvägen 12, Hönö
  • the red box on Sockenvägen 1, Öckerö
  • Gothenburg: Alelyckan's recycling centre
  • Eskilstuna: Retuna recycling gallery
  • Emmaboda: Susanna's station
Do you live further away? Feel free to contact us, maybe we can arrange a pick up?


Att: Susanna Utbult

Sockenvägen 1

475 31 Öckerö, Sverige

Tel. 070-450 57 14

Meraleva Barncancerförening