The meraleva business is based on sustainability in everyday life and recycling of stearin and paraffin to save the resources of the planet. We make new, beautiful candles out of your old stumps, pillar candles and tea lights. 20 SEK/candle is donated to Barncancerfonden - Children’s Cancer Fund in Sweden. Welcome to us!

'Mera' is a Swedish word which means 'more'. 'Leva' means 'to live'. The word 'meraleva' is not correct Swedish but was invented by my son Carl-Johan. 

About the candles

The reclaimed candles burn with a tall and clear flame as if they are excited to spread light for a while longer.

  • The candles are made of 100 % recycled stearin and paraffin.
  • The height is approximately 20-21 cm and the diameter is 7 cm.
  • The mixture of stearin and paraffin varies from candle to candle depending on the type of stumps left for recycling.
  • To make one candle takes 4 - 5 hours, from start to finished.
  • Each candle is 100 % handmade and completely unique.

Meraleva - candles with heart and soul. 

Donate your candles to us

Please join the movement, donate your candles to us and give them a new life:

  • If you live in the municipality of Öckerö, you can leave the remains of your candles, leftovers of pillar candles and tea lights in the red box at Sockenvägen 1 on Öckerö.
  • Do you live far away? Please use a padded bag or a small box and send your candles, leftovers of pillar candles and tea lights to us.

Gör som vi: Stöd Barncancerfonden


Att: Susanna Utbult

Sockenvägen 1

475 31 Öckerö


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